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Social Networking For Professionals Like Lawyers & Chartered Accountants

May 25, 2011 in Social Networking

Inspired by the success of social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter, this site has been set up with the objective of enabling professionals like Chartered Accountants and Lawyers to interact with each other. It is expected that such interaction will enable sharing of knowledge and expertise and further the cause of both professions.

The process works in a manner similar to Facebook. You can set up a profile, where you can set out details about your qualifications, years of experience, areas of practice, contact details etc. You can make “friends”, post your thoughts and interact with like-minded professionals.

One advantage of creating such a profile is that it gives the professional a “presence” on the web so that his contact details etc are within reach of someone wanting to contact him.

Of course, in creating the profile, one has to be wary of the guidelines prescribed by the ICAI and the Bar Councils. Fortunately, the guidelines are quite practical and permit a write up to be presented in a manner as to maintain the profession’s good reputation, dignity and its ability to serve the public interest.

Generally speaking, the write-up may include the following information:

(i) Name
(ii) Age
(iii) Years of experience
(iv) Qualification(s)
(v) Professional address with email, telephone/mobile/fax no
(vi) Photograph
(vii) Details of Employees with their qualifications
(viii) Names of partners, if any
(ix) Services provided

For ready reference, the guidelines for Chartered Accountants & those for lawyers are available

It is hoped that this social networking endeavor will be a success!

Do use the comment box and let us know what you think!

10 responses to Social Networking For Professionals Like Lawyers & Chartered Accountants

  1. i find the material on the site immensly beneficial and updating thetax knowledge of those visiting the site

  2. i want to join & update.

  3. well site for professional providing lot of information and recent case lasw.

  4. CA DD BANSAL said on August 7, 2011


  5. No doubt It will cater concerned

  6. could not register as i am getting message that only lower case letters and numbers are allowed. i wrote everything in lower case and again i am getting the same message

  7. could not register - i am getting the message ONLY LETTERS AND NUMBERS IN LOWERCASE ARE ALLOWED. Inspite of typing everything in lower case I continue to get the same message.

  8. Its great becoz knowledge is the edge………………….n itatonline providing this

  9. Never seen such a beautiful place where one can be updated with latest case laws more frequently than other sources…its too great to be here and I love to share my thoughts with all others over issues relating to Income tax.

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Create Your Professional Profile. Hundreds Of Professionals Already Have

All professionals must have their profile available here because:

(a) it is a safe and dignified platform to set out their areas of specialization and fields of practice;

(b) It enables their clients to contact them;

(c) they can interact with fellow professionals and share their knowledge