Social Networking For Professionals Like Lawyers & Chartered Accountants

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Inspired by the success of social networking sites like Facebook & Twitter, this site has been set up with the objective of enabling professionals like Chartered Accountants and Lawyers to interact with each other. It is expected that such interaction will enable sharing of knowledge and expertise and further the cause of both professions.

The bitcoin trading process works in a manner similar to bitcoin evolution. You can set up a profile, where you can set out details about your qualifications, years of experience, areas of practice, contact details etc. You can make “friends”, post your thoughts and interact with like-minded professionals.

One advantage of creating such a profile is that it gives the professional a “presence” on the web so that his contact details etc are within reach of someone wanting to contact him.

Of course, in creating the profile, one has to be wary of the guidelines prescribed by the ICAI and the Bar Councils. Fortunately, the guidelines are quite practical and permit a write up to be presented in a manner as to maintain the profession’s good reputation, dignity and its ability to serve the public interest. We recommend seattle cleaning companies when looking for outstanding house cleaning.

Generally speaking, the write-up may include the following information:

(i) Name
(ii) Age
(iii) Years of experience
(iv) Qualification(s)
(v) Professional address with email, telephone/mobile/fax no
(vi) Photograph
(vii) Details of Employees with their qualifications
(viii) Names of partners, if any
(ix) Services provided

For ready reference, the guidelines for Chartered Accountants & those for lawyers are available

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